An image showing a Kinetic vehicle maintenance bay. A white Polestar car sits on a turntable, ready to be calibrated by a robotic arm. Two vertical digital screens display a list of cars currently in the service queue, along with the copy line “effortless modern vehicle maintenance.”

A video showcasing the end-to-end process of maintenance and calibration for a car at a Kinetic Hub. A white Polestar sits on a turntable, turning slowly as it is scanned by Kinetic sensors and hardware. A Kinetic technician reviews a 3D digital twin of the Polestar. A robotic arm proceeds to calibrate the vehicle sensors. A Kinetic calibration certification sticker is applied to the vehicle. The sticker reads “Kinetic: calibrated in September 2023.” The Polestar rotates 180 degrees on the turntable and drives out of the Kinetic hub.

Automated digital collision repair for businesses

Kinetic Hubs are purpose-built to help repair digital vehicle collision damage including calibrations, module programming, and scanning. Our automated, AI-powered Hubs offer unprecedented efficiency for automotive businesses.

  • Zero CapEx

  • Rapid service

  • Pick up and drop-off

  • Generous revenue share

Designed for scale

Every state of the art Kinetic Hub can support up to 80 calibrations per day. And with cycle times under 60 minutes, from drop-off to delivery, this gives collision repair businesses the flexibility and capacity to accept more customers and grow revenue without burdening their own staff, and without adding additional equipment or floor space.

Digital Services

Precise calibration of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems following a collision repair is vital to ensure safety features are functioning and returned to original equipment specifications.

During the collision repair process, replacement of a module may require programming. Our Hubs are set up with OEM capability and software to ensure a full scope of manufacture coverage.

Our Hubs are tool agnostic, ensuring that we can support your collision business and communication with robust reporting both pre and post collision repair.

This is an isometric illustration of a Kinetic Center service bay, including a car on a turntable and calibration equipment including a robot arm, track, and two equipment towers.
A screen at a Kinetic workstation showing a 3D digital rendering of a car being calibrated by the Kinetic system.


Kinetic Hubs are strategically located in automotive hot spots for businesses that rely on us for digital repairs. New locations are continuously coming online.

Kinetic Hub Locations
  • Las Vegas

  • Orange County

  • San Bernardino

  • Lake Elsinore

  • Sacramento (coming soon)

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