Effortless modern vehicle repair

A video montage showing automobiles in a Kinetic Hub service center; a variety of elements of Kinetic’s technical infrastructure, including LiDAR sensors, optical cameras, robotic arms, calibration equipment, an automotive turntable, and imagery of Kinetic’s software.

Repairing the fleet of the future Today’s modern vehicles have more technology in them than ever before. Repairing them is an urgent need–and an extraordinary opportunity.


Every new vehicle is digitized

All new vehicles have at least 3 sensors, with most modern vehicles having 30 or more. New capabilities such as ultrasonic, radar, and camera-based technologies are exponentially increasing the complexity of repairing modern vehicles.

The automotive landscape is shifting

Over 15M new vehicles are sold each year in the United States. Digitized vehicles are on pace to dominate the automotive landscape.

A new solution

Repair modern vehicles
at scale with effortless
speed and precision

Every Kinetic Center comes with everything you need to modernize and future-proof your shop: robotics, proprietary AI, and in-house expertise. Make your business the go-to place for fast, precise, digital repair and maintenance across makes and models without the burden of costly equipment, software updates, or the need to hire new staff.

An image showing a Kinetic vehicle maintenance bay. A white Polestar car sits on a turntable, ready to be calibrated by a robotic arm. Two vertical digital screens display a list of cars currently in the service queue, along with the copy line “effortless modern vehicle maintenance.”

Kinetic Performance compared to Manual Methods

Speed: end-to-end cycle time

Average time from pick-up to drop-off




60 minutes

24 hours

Speed: Calibration

Average time per vehicle

5 minutes

1 hour

Precision: Target Placement


0.5 cm

5 cm

Two screens at a Kinetic workstation showing a 3D digital rendering of a Polestar being calibrated by the Kinetic system.
A Kinetic calibration certification sticker on a white car. The sticker reads “Kinetic: calibrated in September, 2023.”

Kinetic helps
businesses grow
and evolve

Kinetic’s sole focus is digital vehicle repair. Businesses who partner with us can focus on what they do best, while adding new revenue streams, and vital services.

Kinetic partners with

  • Dealerships

  • Independent repair shops

  • National repair chains

  • Autonomous fleets

  • Rental fleets

  • OEMs

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Effortless modern
vehicle repair

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