An image showing a Kinetic vehicle maintenance bay. A white Polestar car sits on a turntable, ready to be calibrated by a robotic arm. Two vertical digital screens display a list of cars currently in the service queue, along with the copy line “effortless modern vehicle maintenance.”

A video showcasing the end-to-end process of maintenance and calibration for a car at a Kinetic Hub. A white Polestar sits on a turntable, turning slowly as it is scanned by Kinetic sensors and hardware. A Kinetic technician reviews a 3D digital twin of the Polestar. A robotic arm proceeds to calibrate the vehicle sensors. A Kinetic calibration certification sticker is applied to the vehicle. The sticker reads “Kinetic: calibrated in September 2023.” The Polestar rotates 180 degrees on the turntable and drives out of the Kinetic hub.

Instantly modernize your maintenance center

Kinetic Centers equip our partners to offer industry-best digital maintenance and repair to their customers without rebuilding their businesses.

  • Plug-and-play

  • No hardware to buy

  • Fully automated

  • Programs to upskill existing staff

Purpose-built for our partners

Kinetic Centers are self-contained, automated digital maintenance and repair installations for auto dealerships and maintenance and repair shops. Every Center is customized to its location and staffed with Kinetic specialists to operate the robotics and software that bring your businesses to the forefront of modern vehicle maintenance.

Digital Services

Take care of the top priority of every driver and auto manufacturer.

  • ADAS sensor calibration
  • EV battery inspection
  • Module programming [coming soon]

Keep digital systems running smoothly, and customers happy.

  • Software updates
  • Secure data access

Protect the core infrastructure of every modern vehicle.

  • Wheel and frame alignment checks
  • HIL functional testing

Maintain the exquisite look and feel of the latest in automotive design.

  • Damage inspection
  • 3D digital twin
This is an isometric illustration of a Kinetic Center service bay, including a car on a turntable and calibration equipment including a robot arm, track, and two equipment towers.
A screen at a Kinetic workstation showing a 3D digital rendering of a car being calibrated by the Kinetic system.

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Our technology

Precision, Speed,
and Future-proofed

Kinetic is built from the ground up to service and repair today's modern fleets.

  • Our system of robotics, software, and AI executes with precision and speed to return vehicles to their original state of safety and performance, or better.

  • All Kinetic Centers are networked, providing software and AI model updates to accommodate new vehicles, and all makes and models.

  • Kinetic technology is constantly updated and upgraded to ensure our partners are at the forefront of the automotive maintenance revolution.

An image showing the exterior of Kinetic’s flagship hub in Orange County, California. A white Audi E-Tron drives out of the garage bay. The Kinetic Hub logo is affixed to the building’s exterior wall.

Kinetic Hubs

Off-site options,
conveniently located

Our stand-alone locations, Kinetic Hubs, are situated in automotive hot spots for our partners who wish to leverage our services without installing a Center on-premises. Schedule maintenance for individual vehicles or Kinetic will handle pickup and drop-off to service multiple vehicles at once.

Effortless modern
vehicle repair

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